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Soshi Pops : SNSD Fanworks

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Soshi Pops : So Nyuh Shi Dae Fanworks
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Welcome to Soshipops! We are a fanworks community for Sonyuhshidae, a nine member girl group from South Korea. Fans may come here to post fanfiction, graphics, icons, fanart, fanvideos, or anything else that is a fanwork dedicated to SNSD. Everything you see is fiction and will remain fiction, but we will be genie for your wish and we might even hoot hoot hoot~

1. Tag all posts! This is a courtesy to anyone looking at the community and trying to find something. Your lovely mods have set up an immense tag system for a reason, please use it accordingly.

2. LJ- Cuts are a must! No one wants to scroll through their friend’s list to find a huge post taking up a page. Here is a tutorial on how to do it if you are unsure how to.

3. If a mod comments on your post and asks you to fix something, please try to get it fixed within 24 hours! If you don’t get it fixed within the time frame, your post will be deleted.

4. No obnoxious fonts please. Use standard font for all posts because as much as you think the neon colors and glitter will gain attention, it will also turn many people away.

5. No posting fanfiction more than once in 24 hours or else this will cause congestion. Wait a day before posting another chapter if it seems like the end of the world. (credit to miracle______ for idea)

6. Fanfictions MUST have a rating or warning on it for some people might be offended by opening a fanfic that isn’t rated and ends up being NC-17. The common ratings are G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17.

7. All fanfictions should have a header that has at least the title, pairing, rating, and a small summary to let the reader know what they are clicking on. It’s also nice to include links from past chapters if it is a longer fiction to help the reader look back.

8. Entries which break a rule or are not tagged properly will be met with a !violation tag. After the same user receives 5 violation tags, they will be temporarily banned from the community for two weeks. Once let back into the community, if the user breaks a rule 3 more times, they will be permanently banned.

9. Icons should be worksafe, if not they should be under a cut and warned beforehand. If you are locking your post within a certain time, make sure to note that for the viewer.

10. Fanart and fanvideos that are NOT worksafe should be under a cut and rated.

11. Anything SNSD related is allowed, do not post anything about your personal life like audition videos, pictures of yourself, etc.

12. Respect each other. Do not flame on other people’s pairings, work, or even the people themselves. Keep in mind that commenting is nice but it will not always happen!

13. Advertisements now go through the mods. Please send an email to soshipopsmod@gmail.com in order to be approved to post.

14. We do not own SNSD in any form or way; this is all pure fun and fan creations. Fanfiction may be mature and by joining, the reader assumes all responsibility for what they view.

15. Most importantly, go out and have fun guys! We’re here to celebrate the Soshi bond. Forever 9!


You may contact the mods anytime through soshipopsmod@gmail.com. One of us will try to get back to you as quick as we can!


Stylesheet by refuted; userinfo by jedisnickers

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